, Lack Of Diversity In Our Nude Cam Reviews?

Lack Of Diversity In Our Nude Cam Reviews?

I absolutely hate the fact I’m about to write this blog post but in the last couple of weeks I have been targeted and accused of being a racist. Why you may ask has this horrible accusation been aimed at you?

According to a small number of social justice warriors this website shows a complete lack of diversity when choosing the women we review. Since there’s more white, Asian and Latina women then black women that equates to me being a big raging racist.

I love women full stop. I enjoy people in general and it doesn’t matter what their race is! I’ve always treated good people well and horrible ones with the contempt they deserve and will continue to do that.

If you take a look at the reviews we have written in the last year of two you will find there is a lack of black webcam models. There’s no denying that but the reason is far less sinister then the names and labels that have been aimed at me and my website.

I challenge you right now to go on to our homepage and count how many black women you see. Go further through the pages and you might be lucky to find one or two ladies on each page?

The fact is there isn’t many black models to choose from. I won’t write a review on a model just because she fits a profile, I never have and never will no matter how much people scream and shout at me.

Each lady is reviewed based on the quality of their show and have to display something different that our audience should be aware of.

We Review The Best!

The fact is 95% of women regardless of their race will not get reviewed because their show, performance and personalty doesn’t meet our high standards.

A lot of the black performers on here simply don’t speak English since a lot of the time they come from South America. The vast majority of our visitors are from English speaking countries so there’s a language barrier which is very unfortunate.

Since communication and personalty is a huge part of our checklist when reviewing a lady the fact someone can’t speak English rules them out straight off the bat.

I refuse to change our review criteria just so we can add token performers based on the colour of their skin. Performers like _LORENE_ and Kat08 are exceptional in every department from their beauty, performance and wonderful personalities and they got their reviews based on merit.

That is how things will always be here. We only review the best of the best and skin colour doesn’t come into it.

If you’re a black webcam performer that is great at your craft and from the UK, United States or Canada then there’s a gap in the market for you on free nude cams and you are more than welcome to become part of the family.

To the small minded imbeciles that tried to call me out and make an “example” of me I recommend taking your head out of your own asses for long enough to realise you people are actually the real problem in society.

You are the ones that wish to divide and alienate people. You possess and create hatred and intolerance. You are part of the insidious force that is destroying cities and towns across the western world….

You are the real racists!