, Beware Of Thieving Cam Girls!

Beware Of Thieving Cam Girls!

As a webmaster I work damn hard everyday of the year. At times I’m ashamed to admit I have put this website before my family, choosing work over taking my young daughter to the park or sliding off during social occasions so I can find a way to improve this site and try to make a success of it.

I’m a decent person, if a cam girl comes to me for any reason I am always willing to help them out. I have given advice to many and helped them increase their earnings 10 fold. Shouted them out on social media to increase their followers and written reviews of their shows on my cam blogs.

Never once did I ask for a penny! I believe in making friends and connections in a business that is often very unhelpful to those less knowledgeable.

As I said I work very hard but don’t be think I earn a ton of money every month. I make peanuts, far less than minimum wage. It’s the hope of making a better life for myself and my family that spurs me on!

Now you have a little understanding about me you will understand my sadness, anger and frustration at some cam girls encouraging users to re-sign up under their affiliate code!

What does that mean you might be wondering? Allow me to explain. When you come onto this site and hopefully registered, If you buy tokens I get a small percentage payment.

That’s reasonable right, I sent you in the direction of the cam girl so should be paid for my work. We all win, I provide the traffic, the company provides the platform and the performers provide the show.

Unfortunately there’s a growing number of thieving cam girls that are befriending their best spenders and asking them to cut us out by signing out of their accounts, clearing cookies off their computers and resigning up under the girls link.

This greedy and quite nasty tactic has brought many webmasters like myself to their knees. My already crap monthly earnings has gone down by 75% in 2020. If this is allowed to go on much longer then cam sites as we know them will implode.

Honest cam performers will suffer because sites like mine have gone under or decided to move onto other more honest programs.

You probably won’t ever find a webmaster that champions women in the adult business as much as me. I love the fact free nude cams are so big now, onlyfans is the giant it has become because for too long big companies have exploited women in porn, treated them like dog meat or sub human. Women now have these platforms to become their own boss.

All I ask is that our business as webmasters is respected too. We don’t want to take all the money, just our worth. We’re just a small cog in the mechanism but we are needed to help things tick.

If you’re are a cam girl reading this or a viewer that is a member. Please don’t partake in this shady practise. Behind every website is a real person, We’re just trying to make a living like everyone else.

Thank you