Work From Home, Work From Home: Adult Webcam For A Living

Work From Home: Adult Webcam For A Living

To work from home is the dream for many people. Some people enjoy the routine of going to work but for others the hustle and bustle of commuting during rush hour to a job you absolutely hate is a nightmare they wish they could wake up from!

I’m sure this isn’t the first blog post you have read in a search to find a work from home solution. Let me guess, other blogs suggest paid surveys, becoming a blogger or some other job that requires a skill or qualification like being an online teacher.

Paid surveys are a con. I’ve tried them myself in the past and the only gain from them I took was the knowledge to never do another one again in my life. I made fuck all with them, excuse my language.

Advice to become a blogger is pretty awful since it normally takes years to establish yourself online. Your subject matter might not be profitable so it never earns you a living wage or your blog might not ever take off to start with.

To be honest if you have a worth while skill I would ignore all the suggestions these stupid blogs suggest and start up a YouTube channel. Yes that also takes time to grow but if you are an expert in a certain area and have an engaging personalty it’s worth putting yourself out there.

I Need Money Now!

Work From Home, Work From Home: Adult Webcam For A Living

As I said above blogging and YouTube take an awfully long time to become profitable and that’s if they ever do.

I’ll be honest and lay things on the line. Unless you’re some kind of programmer, coder or brilliant affiliate marketer then finding a job online and working from home is likely never going to happen for you.

I found that out the hard way after many years looking for a way to make money online. I sold drop shipped items on eBay, taught myself how to make websites but none of my ventures would make me any money close to a living wage, actually I wouldn’t make enough money a day to be able to buy a coffee from Starbucks it was that bad.

In 2015 I discovered adult webcams and my life changed for the better!

How Did Adult Webcams Change My Life?

Work From Home, Work From Home: Adult Webcam For A Living

I knew free nude cams sites existed before 2015 I just didn’t see the appeal of them if I’m honest. At the time I was working hard on a porn tube I was trying to get off the ground and I noticed my websites twitter account was being followed by more and more webcam models.

As time went on I started to chat with these ladies and the idea to cam myself started to grow. I knew as a man I would never make as much money as a woman but my girlfriend was supportive and to be fair I was broke as hell at the time so why not give it a try.

The first night I went on cam things were very slow. I saw a high of 14 viewers in the 2 hours I was on webcam but I tell you what! I made more money in them 2 hours then I did in a week with my website. One guy seemed to like me and I made a close to $90.

As a straight man I found gay men talking dirty to me quite off putting but I learned to block things out and just have fun. I webcammed for a little under a year until my daughter was born and made $21733.30.

After child birth my partner had awful postnatal depression so I basically became a single father for a couple of years until she sought help. Our living arrangements changed so camming became impossible for me unfortunately. That is why I turned back to working on websites and here I am now.

Is Adult webcams a Real Way To Work From Home?

From my experience in front of the webcam and promoting them I feel like I’m in a position to say you can absolutely make a good living and work from home camming.

To do well in the business and succeed I advise you to read my how to become a webcam girl post, it provides not only great tips on what you need to get started but also advice on how to get to the top of the game and make some serious bank.

I don’t Have Model Looks, No One Wants To See Me Naked!

Work From Home, Work From Home: Adult Webcam For A Living

To make a career out of adult webcams you don’t need to have model looks and be a size zero to do well. Men like real looking women, the type of girl you might see walking down the street or someone you might work with.

Looking like a fake bodied porn star won’t help you make more money either. If you look at amateur porn you will see it is extremely popular and one of the most viewed out of all categories on the big porn tubes, that’s because we love to see real people naked and having sex.

It doesn’t matter what you look like, what your age, race, size or gender is there’s is 100% an audience wanting to see people like yourself on webcam. The only thing holding you back is yourself. Be brave and who knows how your life will change!

Work From Home Conclusion

As someone who works in the webcam field I don’t expect you to trust me 100%. That wouldn’t be wise to trust a stranger but I have been in the position you are in now and looking for work at home opportunities.

If you have a skill or qualification I totally advise you explore work opportunities in that field before entering the webcam world unless that’s what you want.

If like myself you have very little to offer the online world in the way of technological skills then camming might just be for you.

Out of all the webcam sites I always advise people to join chaturbate first since it’s the biggest and most visited cam site in the world but there are others out there so look around and see what feels a good fit for you. Our best cam sites page can help you out.

I’m not the greatest writer in the world but I do try. I hope I have helped you out. If you need help or advice comment down below and I will try to get to you as quickly as possible.

Take Care!