How To Get Laid, How To Get Laid – The Ultimate Tips For guys

How To Get Laid – The Ultimate Tips For guys

This how to get laid guide won’t be the most polished. Fuck, it won’t be the best written but one thing I can guarantee is it will get you results if you follow what I say!

I’ve slept with a lot of women in my life, I stopped counting when I got into triple digits to be honest. I’ve banged hot girls, some ugly ones, fatties, you name it my cock has been there and one thing I learnt pretty quickly is how easy it is to seduce a woman!

Life wasn’t always so kind to me and I’m not ashamed to admit I wasn’t always successful with girls and often looked up guides on google on how to get laid. These guides and tips were always shit and no matter how closely I followed what was written I just couldn’t get any pussy to save my life. I had very little confidence and it was dwindling very rapidly after every failed attempt to bag a woman.

The internet has made getting laid so easy but to unlock it’s potential you really need to know the rules. A woman’s brain doesn’t work in the same way a man’s does no matter how much the media likes to push the narrative that we’re built the same. Let’s be honest, if a guy’s horny we’ll fuck nearly anything, we might regret it after we cum but that nasty feeling leaves pretty quickly.

Unless a woman is a complete whore or gold-digger there’s certain requirements you must meet, things you must say to unlock the keys to her panties Our nude cams are a great place to practice talking to women, develop banter and just get an understanding of how women work, think of it like a training ground here.

Join up to a dating site!

Sliding into dm’s on Twitter and Instagram is a sure fire way to being ignored and wasting your time if you want to find sex. Perhaps if you have model looks or a shit load of money it might work but I’m sure since you have ended up reading this that you don’t have either of them issues. Dating sites are fall of desperate women looking for love and I’m not saying you’re looking for love in any way, shape or form but finding women to fuck on them sites is so easy it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

These women are used to absolute pricks trying to sleep to them. Guys that have zero tact, they send unsolicited dick pics, offer money for sex, you name it these women have heard and seen it. Remember these girls are looking for love and sex is secondary to them in the introduction phase! You have to play a role, say the right things, separate yourself from the men that are clearly after one thing, Yes were after that same thing too but we need to fly under the radar to fly into their pants.

How to present yourself!

Something women love but men rarely do on dating sites is write a detailed description of themselves. Women are nosey creatures and love to have an idea of the type of man you are. This information can be complete bullshit to make you sound more caring, interesting or serious about finding love. Any lies you tell must be remembered because women never forget the things a man says.

The first girl I ever fucked from a dating site was so amazed by the effort I put into my profile that she felt the need to do something very rare and message first to compliment me. Little did she know that I didn’t have the great job I said I had, I wasn’t a single father to a young child and I had no ambition to settle down and start a great life with her

Something else many men fail to do is add photo’s of themselves. Try to take some of yourself looking casual but smart, You want to come across natural without looking like a complete dickhead. It doesn’t matter if you’re not the best looking guy in the world, it’s your words and introduction that will hook them.

How to message a woman on a dating site!

So you’ve just completed your profile and now you’re on the hunt for some prey. You have to be realistic with yourself and find women in and around your level in the way of looks. You could be a 3 but the odds of you attracting an 8 or 9 is slim. Your great profile and made up life might add a few points so you can aim for 5’s and 6’s but I’ll be honest, women at that level are still fucking hot.

In the first message to them say hello, comment on something they wrote on their profile in an attempt to find common ground. Talk to them almost like you would your mother. Don’t compliment their looks, call them beautiful, gorgeous or any of the other shit men think they love to hear. Women like to be told these things by men they have built a connection with not a total strangers, it means nothing and they get it so much their immune to it.

If you get a reply you can build on that to establish a conversation. Keep things chilled, fun and laid back with them. Women love a man to be a man so keep a balance and agree with important things and playfully disagree with the small shit. You want her to enjoy the interaction while having her mind stimulated. If you’re a yes man her pussy will automatically dry up, become a fun challenge to her!

There’s a technique when messaging women and mine goes like this. If she replies to you with less then 10 words don’t reply and move on. The odds are she was just being polite in replying to you and has no real interest. If that isn’t the case she will message you again.

Build a connection to get laid!

So you’ve managed to get a conversation flowing and things are going well. You might be wondering if you’ll ever get some pussy. This stage can last from a few days to perhaps a couple of weeks but you will get your rewards!

You’ve shown an interest in her life, what she enjoys to do and you’ve mirrored her morals. Now its time to get a little flirty with her. Don’t go all in saying you want to get balls deep into her, That will almost 100% scare her off and reveal what your after. You put out little feelers to see how she responds. If she says something like she’s had a hard day you can say something like “sorry to hear that but on a bright note it would get even harder if you came home to me 🤣. There’s nothing smart or witty to it but if she likes it I can promise you that you have one foot in the door.

Continue to talk to her normally and every few messages throw in a flirty comment unless she initiates it then you can respond likewise. You always play by her rules. If she doesn’t talk about sex then you don’t bring it up, it’s your job with the flirting to lead her in that direction. How to get laid online isn’t a science but there are unwritten rules you can’t break.

Meeting For The First Time!

One thing I’ve noticed about women that actually feel a connection with you is the fact they don’t like to hang around too long before wanting to meet up. Their not usually shy to ask you. If a girl hasn’t asked you on a date you can take things into your own hands and ask her but never ever pressurize her. Women don’t like pushy men and they will take a step back if you give them shit.

When you arrange to meet them follow their lead. Let the woman decide where you go and make sure you arrive on time, looking good, sharp clothes and smelling great. Make a good impression on her. Behave the way you did online so she doesn’t feel there’s a disconnect between the online and real life you. In my experience, depending on the girl you have about a 50/50 chance of moving things along and her ending up on your cock within a couple of hours.

Many girls aren’t like that so enjoy your time together and when you leave compliment their company, embrace them and kiss them on the cheek if it feels right, there’s a bit more work to do on them.

The Bottom-line On How To Get Laid!

Getting laid isn’t that hard once you know what to do to get into a woman head and follow this how to get laid guide. In my experience women in their 30’s plus and single mothers are often the easiest to get into bed because many of them have had such shit past relationships that a man that comes along and appears to be nice is a breath of fresh air and they’ll go the extra mile to try and lock you down.

It might be harsh to say but broken women are the easiest with dating site’s the best place to find them. Never appear too over eager when messaging them so it appears you have options, don’t hassle and be nice while still being manly and you and your cock will be very happy!

One piece of advice that is extremely important is never tell them where you actually live or work. Some of these women can get a little obessed, I learnt that the hard way when I earned myself a stalker. If you end up liking the girl then ignore all that and go with the flow but if casual fun is all your after then keep yourself protected at all times!