webcam girl, How To Become A Webcam Girl

How To Become A Webcam Girl

I get asked a few times a week on twitter about how one can become a webcam girl. Is there any tips or guidance I can provide and is it as profitable as the media portrays it to be.

I’ve been in the camming business for around 5 years now and helped many ladies out in the past. Passed on my knowledge and watched them from afar with pride as I see their lives change for the better.

The aim of this post is to create a definitive guide on not only how to become a webcam girl but how to get to the top of the game!

Getting Started Camming Equipment

Becoming a webcam model is quite simple, there’s only a few pieces of equipment that is required. You will already own most, if not all of the equipment needed to get started.

A Laptop

A laptop computer will of course be needed. It doesn’t need to be some monster powered $2500 gaming computer. A laptop released in the last 5 years should serve you just fine. A laptop with a fast cpu and high ram will make your life easier in general when using a laptop but it’s not required. Any laptop with at least 4gb of ram will be fine to get you started.

webcam girl, How To Become A Webcam Girl

A Webcam

You may well already have an awesome laptop with built in webcam so your all set right? Unfortunately most built in webcams are pretty rubbish. It might serve you well when skyping family and friends but most built in cams aren’t going to cut it when you enter the world of adult cams.

The viewer wants to see your show in the best quality possible so a hd cam of at least 1080p resolution will be needed. If you don’t have the funds to buy a new cam then the built in webcam will be fine until you make some money.

For those of you that do have some money to invest I highly recommend the Logitech HD Pro C920. It’s a brilliant full hd webcam with awesome audio built in. I’ve pointed quite a few ladies and gents in the c920 direction and I’ve heard nothing but praise for the cam.

webcam girl, How To Become A Webcam Girl

Internet Connection

Internet speed is very important when you are webcamming. It might surprise you that a minimum download speed of 2 mbps is required to stream in hd.

Of course the faster your download speed is the better but you don’t need 500mbps fibre optic internet to start in webcams. I’m sure most of you especially in western countries have more than enough speed to get started in the business.

Signup To A Cam Site

So you have all the tools needed to start your new career as a webcam performer but you don’t know what cam site to signup with.

There’s many webcam sites out there but I have always seen the most impressive success stories with Chaturbate.

It’s the biggest and most popular sex cam site in the world and for good reason. It gets so much traffic that you are certain to gain traction quickly and build a nice fan base willing to pay you.

There are other option as detailed in my best cam sites page. Take a look at all the sites and decide what most feels like home to you.

One piece of advice I need to give you is it might take a few weeks to a month before you start seeing a nice amount of money. You need to build up a little following. Be persistent and consistent and you will see the money roll in.

It’s common for new performers to become disheartened when their room only has 5 viewers not 5000. Just remember even the most popular models started at the bottom so dig in and get to work. You’ll be making a webcam living before you know it.

Your Cam Model Identity

When becoming a webcam girl you are establishing yourself as a brand so it’s important to pick a memorable online name. You want a name that is easy to remember, stands out and sexy.

Calling yourself Linda Smith isn’t going to get them cocks stirring. Think along the lines of HornyRoxanne or a play on words with what ever your most recognisable feature is and your name, like SexyAssAva. Just take your time and give it good thought.

Remember you want to be Coca Cola not Pepsi (even though I prefer Pepsi lol) A great name stands out and separates you from the rest!

Showing Your Face Or Not

webcam girl, How To Become A Webcam Girl

If you have got this far reading this post I kinda assume you want to became a webcam girl and have already thought about revealing your identity online.

Some people especially new performers really worry about a family member, friend, neighbour or work colleague finding out they get naked on webcam. That’s completely understandable and I get it.

If you are worried and need to protect your identity in someway you can still webcam and make good money. Invest in a sexy mask like the one in the picture above or just show your body and hide your head altogether.

Doing the later will certainly hit your earning potential but if you have little choice then it’s still worth doing.

Normally I advise new webcam girls to tell those closest to them about their new work direction so it doesn’t come as a shock if they are stumbled across (which is extremely rare anyway). You don’t need to go into raw details, you are an adult after all, it’s just a heads up.

The vast majority find friends and family to be supportive of their new career especially if they see how much money you are making.

Ask yourself this, if someone you know saw you online then that means THEY was browsing sex cams! I think you catch my drift.

Attracting Followers And Making Money

You’ve got all the equipment needed and signed up to a webcam site and now you’re ready to broadcast to a world of horny men and women online.

Here’s some major tips to help kick start your awesome new career as a webcam girl.

Your Webcam Show

Some of the very best and popular cam girls have a few things in common! They all have chilled out rooms, they chat to the viewers, listen to music, have a laugh, make friends and also talk about things non sex related too.

Life is hard for many people so seeing smiley happy webcam girls can really lift their sprites. Viewers will be more inclined to tip you if you can cheer them up and make them forget about what ever is troubling them in life.

You’re not just providing a sex or free nude cams. Some of the viewers are lonely and see webcams as a comfort. They want to make friends because they might not have any in real life.

When asked how to conduct a profitable cam show I always give the same advice! Spend a couple of days on Chaturbate and view the most viewed cams. Take notes on what the performers do and start to implement that formula into your own show.

I’ve given that simple piece of advice to tons of girls and when I follow up with them they always tell me they are making a lot more money than before. The few that said it didn’t work was because they was ugly as sin and nothing could help them! I’m kidding lol. I always found out they didn’t do as I advised which is a shame!

Social Media

I bloody hate social media and I’m not alone I’m sure. The fact is in these modern social media times it’s a big part in a businesses success.

I am always shocked when I come across a webcam girl without a social media presence. At the very least you should have a twitter profile. Women on Twitter can gain a shitload of followers very quickly when they post pictures of themselves on there.

The place is crawling with horny men so twitter needs to be a port of call after you set yourself up. To gain followers even quicker you can search for big accounts in your niche, follow them and tag them in your posts.

So for example if you have big tits search for big twitter accounts like this one. Tag them in your posts and they are sure to retweet you. Whats so perfect about this is when they retweet your pic or video is it seen by 1000’s of big boob lovers that will be very interested in you.

One thing about social media that you should take onboard is you should interact with your fans. I recommend taking 10-20 mins a morning and evening to reply to some of the comments you have received. You don’t need to reply to all, just the good comments that catch your eye.

It shows you’re down to earth and the interest isn’t just one way. Some of the top girls in the game still show love to their followers and that’s a big reason they stay on top!

Social media is also a great way to connect with other webcam models. I have become friends with many ladies on twitter and it’s quite common to help each other out when promoting shows or other content.

You might also feel good about connecting with others in your field because you all go through the same things, there’s a common interest and goal. You can give and receive advice and feel part of a wider community and not so alone in your venture.

Social media can be great and really helps to get your name and show in front of the eyes you need to be seen by.


Being consistent is very important when it comes to webcamming and gaining a great following online. Decide on a regular time and days you will cam on and stick to it.

So for example when viewers know you will be online at 10pm Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays they know when they can come and join you.

Look at it like this, if you had a favourite TV show that is on at 9pm Saturdays but the TV network started to change its times from one week to the next the show is quickly going to lose viewers. I’m sure you would give up on trying to catch the show.

So be consistent and clear with your times so there’s no confusion. Maybe when you become more established you can be a bit more flexible but until then it’s about building your online presence and the trust of the viewers.

Long breaks From Cams

Long breaks in between camming shows can be a really stump a performers webcam career. If you are serious about making sex cams a true work from home job than you must not go AWOL.

Doing so will kill your earnings and fans will move on. People have short memories and will soon forget you if your not around for weeks on end.

If you have a family emergency, house burnt down or some kind of heath issue then its fine to take time off. My advice is if you can’t get on webcam for whatever reason then use social media to keep your fans updated on your situation. It keeps you in the forefront of their minds

Webcam Girl Success

It’s very easy to become a webcam girl but it takes time and effort to become a success in this business. Hopefully you take onboard my advice and build yourself an amazing new career.

Many ladies and some gentlemen have done great things off the back of my advice which makes me very proud that I could help. I hope you take my advice and do great things too!

If you have any questions leave a comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

Best wishes and good luck!


  1. This guide is by far the best and most helpful I have read. Thank you so much for writing it ♥️

    1. Thanks Trish. Please come back and let us know how you get on if you follow any of the advice.

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